Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you

The final round of Kruthika's Chemo therapy was successful too. Kruthika is doing fine now.

Asthe got involved with Kruthika's case when the family was looking for financial help during the initial stage of treatment. We committed ourselves to work with the family till the final round of Chemo therapy. This case will not be a primary case for Asthe henceforth. However, we will keep in touch with the family and will let you know of any medical emergencies or assistance needed for family. It is very important to note that, there can't be a 100% assurance in Cancer, even though the suggested cycle of treatment is over, . However, we believe earnestly, that we have put in our best effort possible. We have done what we could. Let us hope for the best.

This is an important milestone for Asthe, as we have been able to take yet another primary case to its logical conclusion. This case spanned over a period of time requiring sustained focus and needed a huge amount of financial, moral support to the concerned family. This would not have been possible without the contribution from many. Various people from various domains have contributed to Kruthika's cause in various capacities....doctors, social workers, social service organizations, people from media, financial contributors.....Thanks to all.

Asthe seeks your continued support to help more needy people. We need people from all walks of life to join hands with us to help people more effectively. We need committed and passionate individuals who can dedicate some amount of their leisure time to our activities. Please write to aasthe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com if you are interested.

Let us do it together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on Kruthika

Kruthika will be in Vydehi hospital today for her final round of Chemotherapy. She will be in Bangalore till this Saturday. Please let us know if anyone wants to visit her. You can call Santhosh on 98452-34517 if you need anything immediately.

Following is the hospital address:
Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences And Research Centre
#82, Nallurahalli, Near BMTC 18th Depot,
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560 066.
Tel: 28412956, 28413381/2/3/4/5.

We will write to you in detail once the Chemo is over.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


When we took up Kruthika’s case, we knew we had to set the ball rolling immediately. Time was in short supply as it was already late for her prosthesis. We were looking for financial assistance from all possible directions when we learnt about the organization “Cankidsindia”. You can read more about this organization at - www.cankidsindia.org

Cankidsindia is a unit of the India Cancer Society which is a family support group providing moral, financial, professional assistance/guidance to children with cancer and their families. We contacted them through e-mail containing the details of Kruthika's case. The response was quicker than expected and was positive. They even offered to bridge between us and the medical professionals in Delhi who have handled similar cases before. It is great to get acquainted with an organization which understands our concern, empathizes and is more than willing to lend a helping hand.

We express our sincere thanks to Cankidsindia organization for standing by Kruthika in the moment of need. This strengthens our belief that a true cause will never fail. Let us spearhead this cause with a new found zeal and make sure that we reach our next target of fund raising for Kruthika's remaining Chemotherapy cycles.

Let us do it together.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Kruthika After Operation

Kruthika's post operative care is happening fine. Kruthika was wheel-chair bound for the last 6 - 7 months. However, She is now able to stand on her own, and walk with the help of walker. She would go for a chemo therapy after some dressing. Please find below the video clip which Santhosh had taken in the Railway station when Kruthika was in Bangalore last week.

Kruthika needs further treatment - 11 Chemotherapy cycles over a period of 7 - 8 months. Cankidsindia organization has come forward with an assurance of financial assistance. However, we would still need Rs 80,000/- more for the complete course of remaining Chemo cycles. Following is the summary:-
Total collected amount for Kruthika's operation - Rs 149,751/-
Carry forward amount from Gururaj's operation - Rs 19,555/-
Total Expenditure** for Kruthika's treatment - Rs 156,810/-
Balance amount - Rs 12,496/-
Amount assured by Cankids - Rs 25,000/-

Total Amount needed for remaining Chemo cycles - Rs 120,000/-
Deficit = Rs 120,000 - Rs 12,496 - Rs 25,000 = Approximately Rs 80,000.
**The above expenditure includes the spending for earlier Chemo cycles, prosthesis, hospital fees, medicines etc.

We have been able to get most reasonable medical treatment for Kruthika through your generous contribution. Hitherto wheel-chair bound Kruthika is able to stand on her feet and now we need your continued support to ensure that she continues to smile.

Let us do it together.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Operation Successful!!

Kruthika was operated successfully on April 17, 2008. Her limb was preserved. Doctors mentioned that the operation went very well and was a great success. Kruthika's parents are happy for now.

Kruthika will be in the 3rd floor semi-special ward (to avoid any chances of infection) of Vydehi hospital for few days. She is able to walk now with some support. She wasn't able to walk from last 6 - 8 months.

Pathology report is awaited and it is expected to give more clarity on the status of cancer.

Following are the details if you want to visit Kruthika in the hospital :-
Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences And Research Centre,
#82,Nallurahalli,Near BMTC 18th Depot,
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560 066
Tel: 28412956,28413381/3/4/5

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lets hope for the best

Kruthika's operation has been fixed for this Thursday, April 17, 2008. Kruthika was admitted to hospital today.

We have met our deadline once again and thanks for all, who made it possible. We have been fortunate enough to get help from various people, from various domains. Every bit of help is much appreciated and we hope that all these efforts and goodwill will save one young life fighting for survival. Thanks much.

As we await the results of operation scheduled on 17th, we want to inform you of the possibilities of amputation versus prosthesis. When surgery is done in a cancer case, as far as possible, it should be complete excision, with all the margins of removal free of tumor. Otherwise it could recur, and is worse. When it is done in limb, as in Kruthika's case, it is of two types:- limb preserving surgery or limb resection (amputation). This is decided based on to what extent reasonable functional outcomes are expected if limb is preserved...at the same time, achieving complete resection is important too!! Incomplete removal requires post Operation radiotherapy also . Most importantly, Kruthika wont be 100 % functional, even with limb preservation

Limb preservation is worthwhile only when negative margins can be achieved. Otherwise, due to recurrence, patient will have to undergo second surgery on a later date, for amputation. (At the same time, local failure can be associated with spread elsewhere in the body too , which is disastrous) . Kruthika's MRI scan suggests that the tumor is extending to the soft tissues ( that means , it has gone beyond the bone , into the surrounding muscles/ tissues) , which means , resection is challenging. Only on operation table, doctor can see if he can achieve complete resection with limb preservation. Otherwise , he will have to go in for amputation.

We need to be very clear that in the best interest of Kruthika , amputation may be the only option and accept it. There is no second chance in such diseases.

Irrespective of amputation or limb preservation, Kruthika will be requiring further chemotherapy , as per the protocol for Ewing's sarcoma . The protocol has 3 parts , first part is induction chemotherapy, which she has completed , next will be tumor directed treatment , thats for now , with surgery, and then the third part is adjuvant chemotherapy. We still need your financial support for Adjuvant Chemotherapy.

Let us hope for the best and hope that everything will happen for good.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kruthika needs help

Please read the previous post for the details of Kruthika's cause. Please view the video, a news item telecasted in Kasturi, a Kannada channel.

One can contribute by sending cheques to Anand directly. He holds a syndicate bank account in Chamarajendra zoo branch, Mysore.
Savings account - 1720 2210001087
Anand's Address - No. 4161, 10th Cross, Gandhinagar, Mysore - 52, Karnataka. Ph. No. (+91) - 9341463820.

Alternatively one can contribute online to Asthe's account.

We will need another Rs 120,000/- for the remaining cycles of Chemotherapy. However we have time to arrange for the same.

Please spread the news to your friends, colleagues and whoever you think will help this cause. Your small contribution can make a big difference to someone's life.

Let us do it together.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The untold story of Kruthika

Kruthika's story is not actually untold. Her story was first published in December 3rd edition of Andolana, a local paper of Mysore. Prashanth Shivakumar of Asthe group noticed the news item and referred the same to Asthe, after due verification of the genuinity of the case. Following is the brief introduction to set the context.

Who is Kruthika?

Kruthika is 10 year old girl studying in 5th standard. She is the second daughter of Mr. Anand, who works as a security guard in Mujarai department of Mysore Palace.

Why this special post about Kruthika in your blog?
Kruthika is suffering from Ewing's Sarcoma or bone cancer. The treatment for Ewing's Sarcoma is a chemotherapy combined with local therapy (surgery and/or radiotherapy to the main tumor). Kruthika is advised 17 rounds of Chemotherapy over a period of around one year. 6 rounds are already over and 11 more round will cost between Rs 110,000 and Rs 150,000.

Kruthika is also advised of Prosthesis, since there was a delay in getting the proper treatment on time due to lack of funds. This will cost another Rs 120,000 to Rs 150,000. Prosthesis should occur within next one month or so. Kruthika's family have exhausted all their financial sources and now they need help from generous contributors like you and hence this post.

Kruthika hails from an economically backward family. She is going to face many travails after a prosthesis, in our societal set up. No explanations are needed for that, I guess. We may not be able to help all that, but we can ensure that she gets most reasonable medical help.

What is the case history?
Kruthika was initially diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in K.R. hospital of Mysore. Since it is a government hospital, family approached Bharath Cancer hospital for a better quality of service. There they were advised to remove the limb of the child. Family then approached Kidwai hospital to see if the limb can be saved. There was no progress in Kidwai even after 15 - 20 days and the family approached Vydehi Institute of Oncology & Research centre, Whitefield, Bangalore. The prosthesis was recommended by Prof. Mayil. V. Natarajan

What are the alternatives explored?
We are also in touch with Suparna (a fellow blogger and a member of Asthe) who works in Manipal hospital. We are trying to see if there are any opportunities for us to gain medical/financial advantage by shifting the case to Manipal. We will come to know of this in a week or so. However, the shifting of the case will be considered only if the following criteria are met :-
1) There should be no medical risk to the Patient.
2) The family should agree for the shift. We are not going to force any decision on them.
3) We should gain at least some financial advantage.

She is still smiling....For how long?...She needs your help

The amount required is too huge. Will we be successful?
Yes, I believe that we can take this case to its logical conclusion. We need to arrange for Rs 120,000/- minimum in another month and rest of the money needed for Chemotherapy can be arranged over a period of time. We have already contributed Rs 20,000 to 25,000/- for the initial 2 rounds of Chemotherapy. Since the amount needed is too huge, we are planning to get this news item published in Times of India and FM Radio. We encourage you to explore in your network. We will try to give the best possible information to you and keep you regularly updated.

How do we contribute?
Please become a member of Asthe yahoogroup by mailing http://us.f545.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=aasthe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com . Alternatively, you can reach us through e-mail.

Who is the primary contact for any information/ clarifications needed?
This is a primary case from Asthe's perspective. Santhosh is the primary contact for this case. He is in constant touch with the family and has already accompanied the family to Vydehi hospital on multiple occasions.

Let us do it together.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008



We have achieved our target of Rs 100,000/- collection within March 10, 2008 towards Sridhar Heggodu's stem cell therapy.

This re-inforces our belief in collective effort. When we started this collection drive, we were skeptical. However, finally we achieved the target well within the set deadline. This is the 3rd biggest collection drive that we have conducted. Previous one was for the open heart surgery of Anusha followed by another similar one for the surgery of Gururaj. We have received wonderful responses from few of the fellow bloggers/blog readers and we thank all contributors.

We have formed a yahoogroup to streamline these activities and we request you to be a part of our group by mailing - aasthe-subscribe@ yahoogroups. com , if you are not already.

Please keep watching this space for regular updates.

Let us do it together.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sridhar Heggodu needs your help

Sridhar N. Shanubhag, popularly known as Sridhar Heggodu, met with a freak road accident in April, 2006. He was treated at KMC, Manipal; life was saved but the spinal cord couldn’t be rejuvenated. Sridhar, once the nerve centre of NINASAM, Heggodu, is paralysed down the neck. The young man who showed every glimpses of an extra-ordinary future is lying immobile.

Sridhar has undergone all kinds of treatments that are currently available, suffering the worst kind of physical, mental and emotional trauma. Sridhar's family and well wishers have spent more than Rs. 4 lakhs. Now a new ray of hope, Stem Cell Therapy, has emerged for the damaged spinal cords. After one sitting, in October, Sridhar’s limbs are now showing some movements. As per Doctors’ advice he needs one more visit in March. Hopefully, by the end of the therapy Sridhar will be able to stand on his feet, make some hand gestures, turn his neck and most importantly, will be able to live without extreme dependence.

But the Stem Cell Therapy is highly expensive. At present it is available only in Chennai. It is a package treatment and one visit costs Rs. 2,00,000/-. Sridhar's family is exhausted of all possible financial means and has reached a financial dead end. They have got assurances from few people for financial help to the tune of Rs 50,000 to Rs 80,000. We have set a target of Rs 100,000 by March 10, 2008.

Status as on March 07, 2008
Total amount needed : Rs 100,000/-
Amount collected : Rs 94,000 +
Amount assured, but not yet collected : Rs 6,000
Deadline met!!

Sridhar needs help. Will you? Please note that there are no 'minimum' limitations on contributions. You may have to let go just one weekend movie, a buffet or an ice-cream. Even your small contribution has the potential to bring a big positive difference in the life of an extremely talented Sridhar.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to contribute. Please send a request to - aasthe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com if you wish to be a part of our group.

Lettr from Sri K. V. Akshara, Director, NINASAM

A brief bio-data of Sridhar :-

An Actor, director and Participated in - NINASAM Theatre Institute (1996-97), NINASAM Thirugata Repertory.
Music Instructor and Performer at NINASAM Theatre Institute, Heggodu, since 2002.
-- Four short stories in Kannada.
-- Poems in Kannada.
-- Translated Anton Chekhov’s play The Seagull into Kannada, 2001-2002.
-- Translated Anton Chekhov’s one act play Anniversary into Kannada, 2003-2004.
Active in
-- CHILIPILI : A kindergarten, founded in 2002, where theatre is an important teaching aid.
-- Kiruthirugata : A very small, fledgling touring theatre on shoe-string budget.\

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We have utilized the left over amount from Gururaj's operation for the following causes :-

1) Donated Rs 10,000/- towards the operation of a 7th std. girl, quite brillant, who is more than 50% visually handicapped. An accident took place when the girl attended a free eye camp. Now she is being treated by a specialist recommended by the Principal of her school.

Referred by Mrs Veena Shivanna of Wiprocare and undertaken by Anita Khan.

2) Donated Rs 15,000/- towards the operation of Mangala. Details in the previous post.

Reference - Lokesh HC. Lokesh took the complete responsiblity from the day of admitting the Patient till the day of Discharge.

3) Contributed Rs 3,500/- towards the school fee of two economically backward students (Mother Thereasa School,Siddagunte Palya, CV Raman Nagar).

These student's mom works as "house Keeping" in a software company. The lady was not able to pay the fee for these kids from past 1 year as her husband lost the job and the Head Mistress on a special request had allowed the kids to study and pay the fee later. Hence we decided to pay a partial amount. We are hoping that the father will be able to get a job and the family will be able to pay the rest of the fee in before the completion of the course.

Referred by my sister. Santhosh personally went to the school on a Saturday, talked to the headmistress and paid the school fee.

Note :- We tried to refer Gururaj to 'Unnati' a NGO which offers vocational courses for unskilled, semi-educated people. However Gururaj preferred auto-driving and we respected his personal decision. He is now learning auto-rikshaw driving and is confident that he will get an auto-rikshaw sanctioned by government.