Monday, May 26, 2008

Kruthika After Operation

Kruthika's post operative care is happening fine. Kruthika was wheel-chair bound for the last 6 - 7 months. However, She is now able to stand on her own, and walk with the help of walker. She would go for a chemo therapy after some dressing. Please find below the video clip which Santhosh had taken in the Railway station when Kruthika was in Bangalore last week.

Kruthika needs further treatment - 11 Chemotherapy cycles over a period of 7 - 8 months. Cankidsindia organization has come forward with an assurance of financial assistance. However, we would still need Rs 80,000/- more for the complete course of remaining Chemo cycles. Following is the summary:-
Total collected amount for Kruthika's operation - Rs 149,751/-
Carry forward amount from Gururaj's operation - Rs 19,555/-
Total Expenditure** for Kruthika's treatment - Rs 156,810/-
Balance amount - Rs 12,496/-
Amount assured by Cankids - Rs 25,000/-

Total Amount needed for remaining Chemo cycles - Rs 120,000/-
Deficit = Rs 120,000 - Rs 12,496 - Rs 25,000 = Approximately Rs 80,000.
**The above expenditure includes the spending for earlier Chemo cycles, prosthesis, hospital fees, medicines etc.

We have been able to get most reasonable medical treatment for Kruthika through your generous contribution. Hitherto wheel-chair bound Kruthika is able to stand on her feet and now we need your continued support to ensure that she continues to smile.

Let us do it together.

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Veena Shivanna said...

Santhosh, thanks for the update. Thats a splendid effort.

Shree, Is it possible to provide this update on Kasturi news item? This can be shown as a continued item to the previous one!

Mayya, what plans for the fund collection now?