Tuesday, July 8, 2008


When we took up Kruthika’s case, we knew we had to set the ball rolling immediately. Time was in short supply as it was already late for her prosthesis. We were looking for financial assistance from all possible directions when we learnt about the organization “Cankidsindia”. You can read more about this organization at - www.cankidsindia.org

Cankidsindia is a unit of the India Cancer Society which is a family support group providing moral, financial, professional assistance/guidance to children with cancer and their families. We contacted them through e-mail containing the details of Kruthika's case. The response was quicker than expected and was positive. They even offered to bridge between us and the medical professionals in Delhi who have handled similar cases before. It is great to get acquainted with an organization which understands our concern, empathizes and is more than willing to lend a helping hand.

We express our sincere thanks to Cankidsindia organization for standing by Kruthika in the moment of need. This strengthens our belief that a true cause will never fail. Let us spearhead this cause with a new found zeal and make sure that we reach our next target of fund raising for Kruthika's remaining Chemotherapy cycles.

Let us do it together.

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