Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kruthika is no more

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we inform you of passing of our dear little Kruthika. Kruthika was fighting with cancer for a long time and on November 5th the inevitable occured.

We sincerely pray that her parents muster the courage to move on in life. It will be unbearable pain for them, but hopefully they will accept the reality. Santhosh will keep in touch with the family in the coming days and extend any help that they may require to overcome this tragic incident.

We thank everyone who contributed to our efforts. We didn't get what we wanted in the end. But we had put in our best efforts, to the best of our abilities. There are countless Kruthika-like children in our society who need help. Let us work with renewed zeal to help them to the best of our abilities.

Good Bye Kruthika.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kruthika : VERY IMPORTANT update

Dear All,

We have an important update for Kruthika. Please do read till the end.

As you may be knowing, Kruthika was undergoing Chemo Therapy after the surgery last year for bone cancer. She was responding well to the treatment and was even able to walk without the help. She was doing well till the end of July.

However, she started experiencing pain near her chest from July end. Her family didn't initially come for a detailed scanning as was suggested by the doctor, as they were bit hesitant to ask for more help from Santhosh. Santhosh called them back to Bangalore for a complete check up on August 18th. The scanning reports revealed the recurrence of cancer attack.

This is a very unfortunate situation because,
- Cancer has spread to lungs now
- This is a recurrence of cancer attack. She was getting Chemo therapy earlier and the recurrence means that further Chemo and radiation therapy would be of no value now.

Santhosh has had a long discussion with Dr. Durga Prasanna, who was taking care of Kruthika's treatment. Doctor has essentially told us to prepare for the inevitable. Doctor had a quick discussion with his professors, experts from AIMS, and he has told us not to have any positive hopes of a recovery from this point. Even spending huge amount of money on any other possible treatment would only delay the inevitable by few weeks/days.

Her family is shocked and devastated with this news. They are sitting in front of her counting the final number of days. My words fail to express that pain, that sense of helplessness of losing child in front of their own eyes and not being able to do anything for that. Let us pray that they muster enough courage and love for life to carry on.

We, as a group (Asthe), could probably claim that we did what we could. Somehow such claims sounds very hollow to me at this unfortunate moment. We did provide her the best medical treatment that we could possibly. We provided moral support to the family, thanks largely to Santhosh's kind heart. We spent enormous time, money and energy for this cause. End result is not we have hoped for, but we have no choice, but to accept. But, yes, our efforts probably added one year to her life. This is a moment to understand and accept the limitations of our efforts.

Santhosh will be meeting Kruthika. He has been too involved in this cause. Please let us know if you want to meet Kruthika. Let us make every possible effort to make her happy, before that opportunity is no more available to us.