Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you

The final round of Kruthika's Chemo therapy was successful too. Kruthika is doing fine now.

Asthe got involved with Kruthika's case when the family was looking for financial help during the initial stage of treatment. We committed ourselves to work with the family till the final round of Chemo therapy. This case will not be a primary case for Asthe henceforth. However, we will keep in touch with the family and will let you know of any medical emergencies or assistance needed for family. It is very important to note that, there can't be a 100% assurance in Cancer, even though the suggested cycle of treatment is over, . However, we believe earnestly, that we have put in our best effort possible. We have done what we could. Let us hope for the best.

This is an important milestone for Asthe, as we have been able to take yet another primary case to its logical conclusion. This case spanned over a period of time requiring sustained focus and needed a huge amount of financial, moral support to the concerned family. This would not have been possible without the contribution from many. Various people from various domains have contributed to Kruthika's cause in various capacities....doctors, social workers, social service organizations, people from media, financial contributors.....Thanks to all.

Asthe seeks your continued support to help more needy people. We need people from all walks of life to join hands with us to help people more effectively. We need committed and passionate individuals who can dedicate some amount of their leisure time to our activities. Please write to aasthe-subscribe@yahoogroups.com if you are interested.

Let us do it together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on Kruthika

Kruthika will be in Vydehi hospital today for her final round of Chemotherapy. She will be in Bangalore till this Saturday. Please let us know if anyone wants to visit her. You can call Santhosh on 98452-34517 if you need anything immediately.

Following is the hospital address:
Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences And Research Centre
#82, Nallurahalli, Near BMTC 18th Depot,
Whitefield, Bangalore - 560 066.
Tel: 28412956, 28413381/2/3/4/5.

We will write to you in detail once the Chemo is over.