Tuesday, March 4, 2008



We have achieved our target of Rs 100,000/- collection within March 10, 2008 towards Sridhar Heggodu's stem cell therapy.

This re-inforces our belief in collective effort. When we started this collection drive, we were skeptical. However, finally we achieved the target well within the set deadline. This is the 3rd biggest collection drive that we have conducted. Previous one was for the open heart surgery of Anusha followed by another similar one for the surgery of Gururaj. We have received wonderful responses from few of the fellow bloggers/blog readers and we thank all contributors.

We have formed a yahoogroup to streamline these activities and we request you to be a part of our group by mailing - aasthe-subscribe@ yahoogroups. com , if you are not already.

Please keep watching this space for regular updates.

Let us do it together.

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